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Peter Glassford

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Peter has been racing Elite for 12 years and for Trek Canada for 7 years. He has raced in multiple disciplines including Road, Cross, DH, Super-D, Enduro , Stage races and Single Speed. Palmares include 2012 Provincial MTB Champion, Canadian Leadville Record Holder and 2013 Single Speed Nationals Race winner. He has been coaching for 10 years as well through his business www.smartathlete.ca and also loves movement and bike skills which can be taken in for free at www.bikeskillsproject.com.

Age: 30

Hometown:  Mansfield Ontario

Nickname:  P in the G, Sweet Potato Pete

Goals for 2014:  Continue to challenge the Podium at Canada Cup races, discover new Stage Races and help my Athletes continually improve

Favorite Place to Ride (Ontario / Canada / World):  Mansfield / Dufferin Area, Champery Switzerland or Schalmig Austria were very cool

If I Didn’t Race Bikes I Would:  Be a One Man Band

Pre / Post Ride Meals:  ummmm … Sweet Potatoes!!!

Motivational Movies / Music:  Wedding Crashers

Best Thing About Riding My Bike Is:  Seeing things few other people get to see

Favorite Memory That Involves a Bike:  Climbing a mountain with Eric Batty on bikes then stashing bikes and trail running 10km to the peak of a mountain in Austria.

Favorite Movies / Books:  Wedding Crashers . Books – Cider House Rules- Jon Irving or many of the Dystopian novels (1984, Animal farm , Brave New World)

Off Season Activities:  Trail Running, Strength training, Cyclocross , California , Condo Maintenance

Peter’s Blog 

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Jon Barnes

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Birth Date: May 10 / 1973
Race Bike: Trek Top Fuel
Hometown:  Brooklin ON
Favorite Place to Ride: Durham Forest / Dagmar
Favorite food/meal:  sweet potato with peanut butter / BBQ chicken
Social Media:  Facebook 
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Sarah Fabbro


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For inquiries about the Trek Canada Racing team please contact: 

Email: peterglassford@gmail.com

For information on Trek Bikes or products, please call one of the Trek Store’s located in:

Toronto – (416)481-8735

Barrie – (705)733-0027

Aurora – (905)713-2453

You can also find us at the races!!