Thanks 2014 – You were a great ride!!

As the start of another fresh year unveils itself to us, ready to accept our dreams, dedication and commitment to our sport, it is only natural to look back at what we have just left behind.  And we can all say that 2014 was a great year, on and off the bike, for Trek Canada.  Our races were successful, our travels diverse, our passion exposed and our goal achieved.  Along the way, Trek Canada racers also found themselves laughing, philosophising, exploring and learning about each other’s dreams and strengths, and appreciate each other even more.

So let’s take a moment to look back at some of the many great times for Trek Canada during the 2014 year, and remember that this thing called Life is meant to be enjoyed!!

10606558_10203891864210479_3215766991345405436_nSoren – a great addition to the Team… becoming Junior National Champion and representing Canada at the World Championships in Norway!!

Team Pics 245

She makes it look so easy…

Sudbury 078

Soren is such a talented young racer with so much potential for the future.

Mitch climbing

Mitch just missed out of defending his National Champion’s jersey, but still did a great job representing Canada (again!!) at Worlds.

Mitch TremblantTremblant – a tough and muddy race that tested your skills, patience and mental focus.

Sudbury 058

Mitch only has 1 speed – Full Gas!!

Nationals 036

PG… looking so Pro and he prepares for Nationals.

PG ButtAlways attacking, and always smart – that’s what makes Pete such a great racer!!

Tremblant 075

Never a guy to shy away from a Tail Whip Photo Opportunity!!!

Sudbury 095

Karlee unleashes some of her power on the Tremblant climb.

Tremblant 084Muddy and tired… but still smiling!!

Woodnewton 140

Woodnewton turned out to be a great test of early season fitness for the Team.

Mansfield 056Jon welcomed back the return of Exit Wound at Mansfield’s OCup.

Nationals 268

Putting it all together, mentally and physically, to capture another National Championship title at Hardwood Hills.

Team Pics 214Barnes had a great year, and smiled every time he clipped into his Superfly!!

Team Pics 049

Trek Canada … actually behaving themselves!!!

Sudbury 021

Usually when the Team gathers… shinanigans ensue!!!

Team Pics 290

Barnes – “I know!!  We can all sit in the Gap and Pete can jump over us!!”

Pete – “Ummmm…. that would be an Awesome picture!!”

Soren – #NBD

As we start to prepare the upcoming season, we say Farewell to Karlee as she pursues her racing career with the Trek Red Truck Team, and thank her for all the great times.  We would also like to say Welcome to Tyler Orshel as he joins Trek Canada with a lot of energy, skills and more fresh young racing in our Junior ranks.

2015 promises to be great!!!  See you on the trails!!!

That’s all she wrote…

With the coming and going of Cyclocross Provincials at Hardwood Hills, the 2014 cycling season comes to a close.  After our many trips, flights, long drives, and hotel rooms came afternoon rests, 2XU recovery, ClifBar refueling and start lines.  It has been a great year for all of us…. but first lets focus on the most recent task.

With Mitch enjoying the Cali sunshine, Peter feeling the need to “get unfit before getting fit,” it was Jon and Soren who clipped in for one last start line before some much needed rest.  Although Jon was hoping to get more CX racing in, the season didn’t turn out to be ideal, and a few race-free weeks became a factor.  After a good start (he actually lead out the race!!) he found himself chasing the leading pair.

Gravel GapUnable to make the bridge to the leader, he was forced to play Cat and Mouse with a strong rider, trying to extend an earned gap through the technical sections and losing it along the false flat power climbs.  Back and forth they went until it came down to the last 1/4 lap, where Jon was passed and chased again.

CX BarrierWith a slight hesitation that allowed an opportunity to re-take the lead disappear, Jon lost the sprint for 2nd, coming across the line tired (cold!!) but happy with the last race of the year and the legs that took him there.

Soren has also had a busy fall after recovery from her broken wrist, digging herself out from behind textbooks, XC running in high school and getting ready for the CX races.  With her new Crockett, Soren took advantage of the rest to come back strong and motivated, running in the OFSAA championships and then racing her first CX race the next day.  Soren found some good legs again for Provincials, and turned on some strong power as she raced with the Elite Women’s field.

IMG_6889A small gap in CX grows quickly, and Soren found herself chasing also, unable to catch the winner but very happy with a strong 2nd place finish.  Too bad she missed September or it could have been an exciting fall!!!

So now it is time for a rest, time to catch up on things that have been overlooked as we focused on our bikes, and time to reflect on a great season throughout.  It is with fond memories that we ponder 2014, while smiles grow on our faces, memories grow in our minds and pride grows in our hearts.

We would like to sincerely thank all those who supported us along the way, and could not achieve the greatness that we have found without the help of Trek Bikes, ClifBar, 2XU Compression, Pro Gold and SRAM components.  As important as our sponsors is the never-ending support and encouragement of our family and friends – we hope that you feel the same pride as we do.

The same but different…

With Trek Canada into it’s fall season, it means that sometimes we need to go back to work or school – so the Team has somewhat disbanded temporarily.  Mitch has headed back to get smarter, Soren is hiding behind a mountain of books, Jon is trying to instill lifelong knowledge on the youth of today, and Pete is ripping it up on the cyclo-cross scene!!

For some, ‘cross is their favorite time of year.  A chance to ride REALLY hard, but not very long.  A chance to work on skills, and crash a few times.  A chance to perfect riding in the mud, and constantly clean their bike.  A chance to test new cold riding clothing, and enjoy a warm tea when the day is done.

And for those of us who love to race ‘cross, the feeling of speed, cornering, power and acceleration is amazing.  Pete has spent many weeks lately travelling the US and Canada taking part in the CX world, showing off his amazing skills like Stair Hopping!!

He has washed, re-cabled and raced (and aired out!!) his Crocket through all sorts of conditions in all sorts of locations, and is representing Trek Canada very well. 

PG CX Whip

Lots of top 10 finishes, including a 9th place finish at CX Nationals in Winnipeg last weekend, and lots of smiles (not to mention 1 fight about the wearing of knee-warmers!!) along the way.

hat trick (1)

Jon has also dangled in a few local races, playing in the mud at the Toronto CX and the Fireman’s CX, finding podium finishes in both.   

photo 4Pool and Provs 191

With only a couple more races left in the sason, both Jon and Peter will be in attendance at CX Provincials that will happen at Hardwood Hills on Nov 9th.

Boys with Beer

One of the best part of racing CX –  they give away BEER as prizes!!

If you haven’t had a chance to experience the CX racing world, give it a try!!  It’s fast, fun, tough …. and more than slightly painful!!  If you have seen more and more CX bikes rolling around the streets, parks, forest or paths, head in to your local Trek Store and check our the Crocket and Boone – 2 amazing options for getting in on that action!!

8hrs of Trek

The Fall Epic 8hr Relay race is always one that draws a large crowd of riders who are looking to challenge themselves, ride with friends, and brave potential cold weather.  But this year was full of sunshine, great trails, tons of smiles and good memories.

Trek had 4 teams in the race this year – Trek Canada which consisted of Jon, Steve Heck and Taylor Near, Trek Factory with Emily and Adam, Batty Trek with Eric, Rick, Eden and Mark, and Trek Toronto which is the consistent and long running team of Barry, Gavin, Steve and Tim.

8hr 117

It was a good day all around, after Adam, Eric and Jon lead out the first lap on the open trail at a blistering pace.  From then on it was Team Strategy, recovery, food and timing that became the topic of discussion under the Trek tents.  Each team had their own challenges with order of riders and crashes, and of course legs that grew less and less willing to go hard, but it turned out to be a great day.

8hr 109

Adam and Emily easily won the Mixed Pairs category, and almost won the Overall Pairs category.  When you get these 2 riders warmed up and pulling off triple laps, there’s not a lot of people who can keep up.

8hr 124

The Batty Trek team had a set back with Rick’s crash (hurt his shoulder but he’s ok now…) but were able to recover with some strong laps to finish just off the podium.  Napping is key to recovery… as Mark demonstrates here.

8hr 108

Trek Canada was in control right from the start with a lot of strong laps and no mistakes, although everyone hated the dreaded “Field Crit” section at the top!!  A great ride from everyone put them on the Top Step with 19 total laps.

8hr 118

And the Trek Toronto Team are always in a back and forth battle each year, winning the Summer Epic 8hr but coming a close 2nd in the Fall Edition.  Only a few minutes back of first, but when you are on the course and being affected by slower lapped riders, sometimes a few minutes is just too hard to make up.

8hr 115

All in all a great day once again, and thanks goes out to Glenn and everyone at Pulse Racing for another successful race.

Rides to toughen you up…

As the end of the MTB season approaches, the rides tend to get longer, more challenging, but also more fun!!  Everyone loves to ride their bikes in the cool fall weather through the beautiful leaves – the only difficulty is that the rain sometimes catches up with you!!

Crank the Shield happened this past weekend and Peter made the trip up north to challenge this last running of Ontario’s only 3 day MTB Stage Race. Peter won the first Crank the Shield in 2008 and so adding a win to his 2014 campaign and the honor of being the first and the last winner of CTS was on his mind.


The weather was wet and cold going into the weekend with Friday and Sunday turning into nice chilly but sunny fall days while Saturday had rain and cold temperatures that challenged all the participants to dress well for the conditions.

Peter’s weekend was made easier by the ‘Rock Star’ Service provided by the Trek Canada mechanics who were there helping out many of the Crank the Shield participants. Taylor led the washing part of the Trek Store service ‘assembly line’ and made sure he could site his spray with a custom Pressure Washer Scope Light.


The Bike of choice for the weekend was the SuperFly 100 which made short work of the rough Canadian Shield terrain but also locked out completly to allow Peter to gain time in his aero position on the long road segments.


A solid weekend up north. Thanks to The Trek Store of Toronto/Aurora/Barrie and Superfly Racing for the support over the weekend.  Thanks to Apex Photography for the great shots of Pete’s “smile”….
Jon also put in some solid training miles while helping those in need.  Joining the Ride for Karen after several years off due to scheduling conflicts, it turned out to be a perfect fall day of sunshine, no wind and great people.
photo 1
The ride typically gather over 300 riders, and the new venue and route were a treat to ride.  Kirk and Kris Tobias have been organizing the ride for over 12 years now, and have raised a total of $2M+ to send kids with cancer to camps in the Muskoka region.  This years ride saw a collection of over $150,000, and twice that many smiles!!
photo 2
A top quality ride that draws a variety of riders on the 25, 100 or 160km routes with Marshalled groups, great lunch, loud cheers and good friends.  The Trek Store has been a long supporter of Kirk, Kris and the RFK and believe strongly in their efforts and passion.  Thanks to all those who joined the ride, and those that offered their financial support along the way.
The weekend following the RFK belonged to the Ontario Provincial Championships at Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort.  A tough, hilly and demanding course would once again challenge riders to perform their best.  Jon was the only one able to attend the event since Peter was recovering from CTS, Mitch was back at school in San Francisco, Karlee was just returning to the bike after her recovery, and Soren had her wisdom teeth out the day before!!!
A rainy and cool weekend greeted the races, with pre-riding needing to happen early in the day due to the heavy rain that fell all afternoon and evening.  Race morning brought even more rain for the early races, but slightly drier trails in the afternoon that changed the course from “splashy” mud to “peanut butter” mud.
photo 1
Jon was still on the mend from his “Welcome back to school” cold, and struggled technically due to his time off the bike.  After a collection of crashes in the first lap, he got himself together and tried to stay on the bike for the remainder of the race.
After a difficult day on the bike, Jon was still able to come away with the Provincial Championship, and in doing so also secured himself the Ontario Cup Series win.  Not all days on the bike are full of sunshine, but sometimes you just have to put your head down and do what you can.
Pool and Provs 191
As we look ahead, the racing doesn’t slow down – it just changes bikes!!  Mountain bikes will still be ridden, but the focus for Jon and Peter will shift to cyclocross, and the fast, muddy, suffering life that it bring.
We wouldn’t do it if we didn’t love it though!!!